About Frankie Doodle

I’m Rachel, the owner and founder of Frankie Doodle, an independent Family Business Since 2017.

My story began as a child. I just loved to decorate and accessorise my bedroom. I would buy treasures from everywhere I went, up-cycle and transform just about anything, make, sew, craft and add my personal touch to everything I could lay my hands on. Then, when I ‘grew up’ and had to choose a career path, I chose Buying!

I worked with all my favourite products… Home accessories, fashion accessories, cosmetics, jewellery, children’s accessories and Christmas products. I spent a wonderful 15 years shopping for treasures for other people.

Then an opportunity arose that I just couldn’t turn down. A tiny barn came up for grabs about 4 months before Christmas, within 3 weeks I was in, stocked and making my first sale, I have never worked as hard as I did in those 3 weeks but it was worth it.

We were so overwhelmed by the success we had that we decided to make our tiny pop up shop more permanent and that was that, Frankie Doodle was born! In 4 years we haven’t looked back and our tiny barn has grown quite a lot! I’m thrilled with the success Frankie Doodle and The Christmas Barn have had and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

We would love to welcome you to Frankie Doodle if you get chance to visit our little shop but if not, enjoy what we hope to be a fun shopping experience on our website!

I hope you love Frankie Doodle as much as I loved creating it. 

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